Dear Coalition Member,

Oregonians For Medical Freedom is geared up and ready to keep medical freedom and informed consent a priority in our great state. We need your help with signature collection on SEVEN initiatives! We are going to roll them out in stages of 2-3 to collect signatures on every six weeks. We need to turn in each initiative with 1,000 verified signatures. Our first goal is to capture those signatures for initiatives # 7 and # 15 by May 1st 2017.

We have been currently collecting signatures on initiative # 7 and you may already have some copies of this. Please let us know if you need more. If someone has already signed initiative # 7 then DO NOT have them sign again. We have not met our goal for signatures on this imitative yet.

Initiative # 7 is known as:  Medical Freedom Initiative

This constitutional initiative is important because if passed it will guarantee that everyone (and parents on behalf of their children) has the right to decline any medical procedure. It will also guarantee that no government agency will be allowed to impose sanctions, penalties or adverse actions if a person so exercises this right.

Initiative # 15 is known as:  Equal Access to Public Education

This initiative would make it a constitutional right of equal access to public education, regardless of a person’s race, color, creed, sex, national origin, medical disability or medical vaccination status. This initiative would stop public schools in Oregon from having an exclusion day.

We need YOUR help to make this happen!

Here are 3 options to get your hands on the initiatives and begin collecting signatures ASAP:

1. To save some costs of getting the initiatives mailed out if you have an Office Depot nearby OFMF can have the initiatives electronically sent there to be picked up under your name. They will be prepaid for.

2. We can mail you initiatives.

3. We can send you an electronic copy for you to print. This option is NOT the most ideal as there are printing requirements for the initiatives. If they are not met, any signatures collected on those papers will be thrown out.Please only choose this option if you feel you can meet the requirements. We will go over those via email when you sign up.

Please send an email to [email protected] with the following:

  • Your name
  • Your phone
  • How many sheets you want – each sheet holds 10 signatures.
  • Which option you want.

If you choose # 1 please send the address of the Office Depot you will pick up at. We will communicate with you when these have been printed and can be picked up. If you provide a cell phone Office Depot will text you when they are ready.

If you choose # 2 please send the address we will mail the initiatives to.

If you choose # 3 we will go over the requirements for you.

Please help with our costs of printing and mailing by donating here in the provided form. Just $10 will cover the cost of 100 signatures!


Please refer to the FAQ below to help with questions you may have:

Q:  How many initiatives is Oregonians For Medical Freedom circulating?
A:   OFMF is circulating 7 different initiatives.

Q: Who can sign these?
A: Any registered voter in the State of Oregon. These are state initiatives, it doesn’t matter what county you are in.

Q:  Where can I read each one?
A:  Links to each provided –

Initiative #7: Medical Freedom Initiative

Initiative #13: Oregon Parental Rights to Informed Consent as to Vaccines Act

Initiative #14: Oregon Vaccine Safety Study Act

Initiative #15: Equal Access to Public Education

Initiative #16: Individual Medical Freedom Act

Initiative #17: Oregon Vaccine Consumer Protection Act

Initiative #18: School Children Immunization Reforms


Q:  Why so many at once, isn’t this a bit over the top?
A:  Due to the issues surrounding SB 442 and SB 895 in 2015, OFMF felt it is imperative that we stand on the side of offense instead of defense. Seeing similar bills play out in states around us like California, it is important that Oregonians who stand for medical freedom and informed consent make our voices heard loud and clear. Additionally, in Oregon, even though our legislators meet every year, it is only on the odd years that bills outside of budgetary issues are allowed to be presented and heard. That meant this was the first time since 2015 we could present bills. It also happened to be the best time to start putting initiatives into play for the 2018 election.

Q:  Why would you have both a bill and an initiative that are the same?
A:  This is the beauty of Oregon, if a bill doesn’t get a hearing or fails in the House or Senate the alternative means is to go directly to the people with an initiative. An initiative is costlier and more time consuming, but it is the process we are afforded. This plays into our offense role to cover both options at the same time. If a bill we have presented is signed into law, then we simply drop the initiative and continue to work on the others.

Q:  Why is OFMF only collecting signatures on initiatives #7 and #15?
A:  We are currently collecting signatures on ALL initiatives at this time. We are going to do a dedicated focus on two initiatives at a time for six weeks at a time. Additionally, a couple of our initiatives are the same as some bills that have been presented in the House or Senate. If those bills pass this session we will no longer need to collect signatures on them. Initiatives # 7 and # 15 at the most important at this stage and do not have corresponding bills in the House or Senate.

If you are in a position to collect signatures for all the initiatives as once please let us know, we are more than happy to provide copies of all of them to you.

Q:  What is the deadline for the initiatives?
A:   The deadline for 1,000 signatures for initiatives #7 and #15 is May 1st 2017. We will keep our coalition updated on the numbers collected and what initiatives we will continue with next and their deadlines.

Q:  How can I help?
A:  Collecting signatures and getting them mailed back to us in time!

Q:  What is the best way to collect signatures?

Approach your family and friends that are Oregon voters, ask them to sign.Ask your naturopath or chiropractor to keep a few in their office and have their patients sign. The ND or chiropractor will need to be responsible for signing off on the bottom correctly, please go over this with them when you pick it up.

Ask your naturopath or chiropractor to keep a few in their office and have their patients sign. The ND or chiropractor will need to be responsible for signing off on the bottom correctly, please go over this with them when you pick it up.

Do you have a local co-op or health food store you frequent or are a part of? Many will let you set up a table for free to collect signatures.

Keep some with you at all times in your vehicle, you never know who you may run into.

Look for local meetups and events of like-minded people. Get permission from the organizer to collect signatures.

Have a signature gathering party or day. Create an event (we will help you promote this!) in your area. An example is to all meet at a coffee shop to get to know fellow coalition members in your area, and then divide into teams and go collect signatures out in public. (Please be sure to follow local laws and public property rules)