Common Questions

There’s a lot of misinformation about vaccines online and in the media. Vaccination recommendations and policies that are not rooted in scientific integrity are unethical and put our health at risk. We’re here to help you make responsible vaccine choices based on scientific integrity and your child’s individual health needs.

Below are some of the most common questions and answers about vaccines that your pediatrician may not have time to cover in a typical 10-15 minute office visit. You deserve to have your questions answered- your child’s health is worth it.

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Are Vaccines Safe?

Vaccines are pharmaceutical drugs with side effects. Regulatory and science agencies as well as leading experts in vaccination now recognize the importance of knowing your family’s medical history, genetics, mitochondrial state and other biomarkers that may impact your personal risk of a vaccine adverse event.

Not a single one of the 69 vaccine doses (73 including unlicensed vaccine doses now recommended to pregnant women) on the CDC’s recommended childhood schedule has ever been double blind placebo tested. The reason for the lack of vaccine safety testing is due to an artifact legacy of the CDC as a Public Health Service, which was a quasi-military organization. The vaccine program was conceived as a defense against a biological attack on our country. We wanted to make sure that if Russia attacked us with anthrax, we could quickly develop a vaccine and employ it without regulatory impediment.

By calling vaccines “biologics,” they are immune from getting tested. They get rubber stamped and mandated to 78 million American children.

Because vaccines are not tested against inert placebos, no one knows their risk profile. That is the only way we can know if a vaccine is averting more problems than it is causing.

Not only are we mandating children to undergo medical procedures with untested medicines, there is no incentive to make vaccines safer due to the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 that removed financial liability from vaccine companies for vaccine injury.

This means that childhood vaccines are a product with zero liability. No matter how badly you are injured, how toxic the ingredient, or how negligent the manufacturer, you cannot sue a vaccine company.

No one can claim that “vaccines are safe and effective.” The Supreme Court ruled clearly that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” in 2011, Bruesewitz v. Wyeth LLC.

Over $4 BILLION have been paid to American families harmed by vaccines. The amount paid to families for vaccine damage by the federal government has doubled in the last four years.

Government data suggests that parents’ fears about vaccine safety may be warranted.

Isn’t Vaccine Injury Rare?

In 2018, VAERS received 58,381 reports of adverse vaccine events, including 412 deaths, 1,237 permanent disabilities, and 4,217 hospitalizations. An HHS-funded three-year review by Harvard Medical School of 715,000 patients stated that “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.” This could mean there are a hundred- fold more adverse vaccine events than are reported to VAERS.

How many of us have been told that vaccine injury occurs in 1 in a million vaccine recipients? A 2010 HHS funded study performed by another federal agency, the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ), reported a possible reaction for 2.6% of vaccinations.

That’s a ratio of one for every 39 vaccines administered.

A 2016 HHS survey published in JAMA reported an astonishing 19.5% of children under five who are admitted to emergency rooms for drug reactions are suffering vaccine injuries.

Are Vaccines Causing the Skyrocketing Rate of Childhood Chronic Disease?

Our children are the sickest generation in history. HHS tells us that 54% of our children now suffer from AT LEAST 1 of 20 chronic illnesses, mostly autoimmune and neuroimmune disorders.

We have 400 chronic illnesses listed on the vaccine inserts, which by federal law are required to only be listed if the FDA has a reason to believe they were caused by the vaccines. This includes ADHD, allergies, autism, tics, speech delay, developmental disabilities, peanut allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, and many other serious vaccine injuries.

According to the CDC, if you were born prior to 1989, your risk of developing a chronic disease was 12%. If you are born after 1989, your risk of suffering from chronic disease is 54%.

These chronic diseases are found on two lists: the list of diseases that have become epidemic since we changed the vaccine schedule in 1989, and on the manufacturers’ inserts for vaccines.

Do Vaccines Prevent the Spread of Disease?

Most vaccines cannot prevent infection nor transmission of their targeted infection- at best, they can only suppress symptoms.

We know that the Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine has now failed. Studies show that by five years after completion of the DTaP series, children were up to 15 times more likely to acquire pertussis compared to the first year after the series. The vaccine can only suppress symptoms and does not protect against infection nor transmission of whooping cough, and because DTaP generates defective immunity, Pertussis outbreaks are occurring in fully vaccinated populations.

And thanks to waning immunity, nearly 50% of fully vaccinated schoolchildren and most adults who received two MMR doses can still become infected with measles and spread it to others, even with mild or no symptoms of their own. Studies show a third MMR dose won’t help.

Despite what our public health officials would like us to believe, vaccination campaigns were NOT responsible for the elimination of either polio or smallpox. Both significantly declined due to redefining and renaming infections, natural immunity, improved sanitation and living conditions, and detection and isolation of clinical cases.

Published in the Journal of Pediatrics in 2000 and written by CDC scientists:

“Thus vaccination does not account for the impressive declines in mortality seen in the first half of the century…nearly 90% of the decline in infectious disease mortality among US children occurred before 1940, when few antibiotics or vaccines were available.”

Can’t my child get a medical exemption?

California got rid of non-medical exemptions in 2015 and this year in 2019, they got rid of medical exemptions.

We now have a situation that is unprecedented, where a doctor who knows a child, has examined the medical records of that child, whose doctors have told them: You cannot get another vaccine because there is a history of seizures in your family, or because you have eczema, which for 40 years CDC has said is a contraindication for vaccination, because you have food allergies or an autoimmune disease, you cannot get a vaccine. It may kill you, sicken you, and disable you for life.

NY and CA passed new laws this year to get in between a patient and their doctor, and now have public health officials who will tell you that your child will have to get more vaccines no matter what, or they are ineligible for their constitutional right to an education.

Children have already been injured by these new laws.

In Oregon, since the medical exemption must be in compliance with ACIP, most children with a valid medical reason for needing an exemption are unable to get one. OHA and local health departments have consistently disqualified medical exemptions that are not in strict compliance with ACIP recommendations.

Under ACIP medical exemptions cannot be granted for: 

1) A sibling in the family having died from a vaccine 

2) Strong family history of autoimmune diseases triggered by vaccination (both disease exposure and vaccination can trigger autoimmune disorders.

3) A child with an MTHFR gene mutation. Clinical data suggest that children and adults with MTHFR mutations may not be safely vaccinated. Though this is a valid reason for a medical exemption, this data is new and is not recognized by ACIP.

4) Underlying mitochondrial disorder

5) Cyclical fever disorder

6) Seizures that are deemed “not prolonged”

7) Most allergies to vaccine components

Most pediatricians in Oregon will not give medical exemptions even when indicated.

Don’t Pharmaceutical Companies Make More Money Selling Drugs for Diseases?

Pfizer’s best-selling drug is a vaccine– and its price keeps increasing.

Merck reported higher-than-expected profits for 2019 due to soaring MMR vaccine sales, despite the manufacturer lawsuits for MMR fraud and efficacy charges, accused by their own scientists.

Merck’s Gardasil also saw an increase in sales by 27 percent to $828 million, beating analyst expectations by about $25 million.

The pharmaceutical industry makes $50 Billion for their liability-free pediatric vaccine market that is forecasted to reach $60 Billion by 2022, and they make over $500 Billion on the back-end by selling drugs to treat symptoms of childhood chronic illnesses.

For example, studies show a high injury rate from MMR. Merck’s MMR pre-licensure studies found that 40% of children receiving the MMR suffered gastrointestinal illnesses within 42 days of the injection and 55% suffered respiratory illnesses.

Merck acknowledges that an astonishing 26% of post-pubertal females might develop arthritis and arthralgia from the MMR.

The MMR’s package insert lists over 60 side effects, ranging from vomiting to permanent brain damage to anaphylaxis.

A JAMA study found that 1 in 640 children will suffer seizures after MMR and 5% will lead to epilepsy, a brain disorder that requires lifelong anti-seizure medication or a combination of several medications.

The top-selling drugs at Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi, and Glaxo (other than Gardasil and the MMR vaccines) are all drugs that treat chronic diseases that are listed as caused by vaccines on their vaccine inserts.

Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

In 2011, the IOM published its review and stated it could not locate a single study supporting that DTaP vaccine does not cause autism. The IOM therefore concluded:

“The evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between diphtheria toxoid–, tetanus toxoid–, or acellular pertussis–containing vaccine and autism.”

In 2014, Dr. William Thompson, a co-author of the CDC’s research often sited as proof that the MMR vaccine did not cause autism revealed that CDC researchers manipulated and destroyed data that showed that the MMR vaccine did cause autism.

In 2018, Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, regarded as perhaps the world’s leading pediatric neurologist in the field of autism research, signed an affidavit regarding his report as an expert witness for the federal vaccine court in which he stated that there are “exceptions in which vaccinations could cause autism.”

Some vaccine company stakeholders and vaccine developers claim that our childhood autism epidemic is created by better detection. If autism has always been with us, where are all the 65 year-olds wearing helmets and diapers?

Why Isn’t Our Government Investigating Vaccine Injury?

All of the institutions in our society that were constructed to protect an innocent child from a greedy corporation have been neutralized. Congress is taking double the money from vaccine companies than it takes from any other industry, including oil and gas.

The CDC and FDA are captive agencies. They are vaccine companies. The CDC has an $11.5 BILLION budget. Nearly $5 Billion of that budget is to purchase and distribute vaccines. They’ve become a distribution arm for the pharmaceutical industry.

The CDC, FDA, and NIH own vaccine patents. Every time a vial of Gardasil is sold, the FDA makes money and high level officials who helped with the Gardasil patent personally receive $150,000 a year royalty checks.

How are these regulatory agencies when they are financially incentivized to promote vaccines?

Many criticize the EPA for being a captive agency working on behalf of coal companies. At least they aren’t making half their budget selling coal.

Why Isn’t the Media Reporting on Vaccine Injury?

Media companies are supposed to be the front line for American democracy informing the pub-lic. Instead, they’re supporting censorship. They’re telling Americans that they cannot be trusted to hear the science on the serious safety and legal issues of the vaccine program.

On average, 17 out of 22 major media network advertisements are by pharmaceutical compa-nies. Anderson Cooper is sponsored by Pfizer. Lester Holt is sponsored by Merck. Drug compa-nies pay for over 70% of our media ad revenue in non-election years.

Don’t I Have to Be a Scientist or Medical Doctor to Question Vaccine Safety and Efficacy?

You do not need to be a medical doctor or scientist to understand that vaccines are not scientifically proven to be safe, ethical, or working as claimed.

Your doctor or nurse practitioner may not know the list of vaccine ingredients, risks, unintended consequences, clinical trials (or lack thereof), signs of adverse reactions, contraindications, or the most recent science on the immune system, aluminum adjuvants, and everything else an individual needs to know to make an informed vaccination decision.

Consider that many doctors and nurses promote liability-free vaccinations to pregnant women even though no vaccine has ever been approved by the FDA for use during pregnancy and studies show that they may not be safe for a developing fetus.

Our public health regulatory agencies and public health departments are compromised. Doctors have also been compromised. Pediatricians are making 50% of their incomes administering vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies make $50 Billion on their liability-free vaccine product line and make $500 Billion selling the drugs for the chronic diseases the vaccines are causing.

We must question public health authorities who refuse to discuss the serious safety and legal issues of the vaccine program.

The only one looking out for the safety of your child is you- the parent.

What are We Going to Do About it?

Our public health regulatory agencies and institutions, politicians, and media have been compromised but they have not been able to capture the courts. While we can’t sue vaccine companies for defective products, they can be sued for fraud. Merck is currently in court for vaccine fraud and malpractice charges for several vaccines.

For the first time in 50 years, legal firms have discovered ways to hold vaccine companies accountable and they are currently facing a wave of lawsuits for vaccine fraud and malpractice charges.

All of the reporters, drug companies, public health doctors, agencies and officials, and legislators minimizing vaccine risks and misinforming Americans about vaccinology and making unscientific claims will be forced to rethink their worldview.

Drug companies care about making their shareholders wealthier. While that is acceptable in the marketplace, it is unacceptable for drug companies to run our government.

Drug companies do not act on behalf of our children.

We are going to take our country back by hitting the streets and the court system.

“This movement is growing. Every time they try to silence us, we get louder. Every time they try to cut us down, we get bigger. Every time they try to weaken us, we get stronger,” Environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.