The MockingJay Project

The MockingJay Project is a sub-group of Oregonians for Medical Freedom (OFMF) focused on analyzing Covid-19 and its impact on Oregon. The MockingJay Project is here to break down different elements of the virus and how it is affecting our great state, while providing a better understanding for citizens. We will consistently provide in-depth, referenced, and accessible articles that are extensively reviewed by experts. Regardless of your stance on these topics (lockdowns, mandates, vaccines, or masks) forcing the public to follow strict mandates is a violation of civil liberties and medical freedom. Please read and share our articles listed below.

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COVID-19 Deaths Deciphered

View PDF Version Oregon reported 1,388 COVID-19 deaths as of December 20, 2020.1 To understand the relevance of this number, it is important to have a solid understanding of how overall deaths from 2020 compare to historical data, how deaths are reported, what constitutes a COVID-19 death, and the accuracy of deaths reported. Oregon Deaths per Year Over the past 3 years, Oregon averaged 36,743 annual deaths2 with cancer and heart disease historically being the leading causes.3 As of December 20, 2020, Oregon has had 38,304 deaths with COVID-19 only accounting for 3.6% (1,388 / 38,304). The number of Oregon’s 2020 deaths is 3,167 more than the 3 year average for the same time range (this is known as excess deaths).4 What is extremely...

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PCR Tests Unraveled

View PDF version Oregon Governor Kate Brown is using results from PCR tests to determine public policy in Oregon. The current metric (as of December 2020) is calculated using positive tests divided by total tests given. Is this an effective or accurate way to determine actual infection rates in the state? In this article, you will learn what a PCR test is and how it works. You will learn its deficiencies and exactly why it is unreliable. What is the PCR Test? The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a process designed by Dr. Kary Mullis in 1984 used to “amplify” or copy small segments of DNA.1,2 It  uses a series of chemicals (primers) to detect segments of DNA in a test sample, like those taken with a nasal swab.3  Amplification using PCR...

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