Vaccine Passports

Take a Stand against Vaccine Passports

New York and Hawaii recently announced that they are planning to roll out a “vaccine passport.” With this passport, you would be required to carry an app on your smartphone proving that you received the COVID vaccine or have recovered from COVID in order to access certain businesses or public spaces.

New York has come up with the first-ever certification called the “Excelsior Pass,” an app designed similarly to a flight boarding pass that will show a digital QR code to prove your health status. This pass requires personal information such as your address, date of birth, zip code, and other identification. This pass is not just for traveling but intended for entry into many places like concerts, sporting events, wedding venues, etc.

This is just the beginning. If the vaccine passport goes successfully for these two states, not only will other states in our country get on the bandwagon, but this could lead to requirements of vaccinations at a much larger scale. States or businesses could demand mandatory vaccination proof for any kind of disease outbreak like the flu, measles, pertussis, etc.

A vaccine passport would be a violation of our medical privacy, and we should not be coerced into revealing our medical decisions to participate in a public we all helped to create. It would set up a two-tiered society, where some people would be treated as second-class citizens. Vaccines are NOT mandatory and we must stop the ongoing restriction of our rights. It’s time to come together and take a stand.


What You Can do to Help

We urge you to download the form below and send it to businesses, asking them to sign it to pledge that they will NEVER require a vaccine passport. There will be further opportunities to contact legislators in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned. Share our website as our social media has been censored.


For Business Owners

As a business owner, you have the power to decide how far this goes by choosing to do what is right and endorsing our freedom as American citizens. We are asking you to pledge that you will allow people to use your services and patronize your business without ever requiring a vaccine passport. Share your commitment to medical freedom, protect peoples’ privacy and rights, and stand up as an influential business leader by signing this letter.

When you sign the pledge, we will put a link to your business on our site as a “medical freedom supporter” so that our extensive audience knows to support your business. Millions of people care about this issue and want to know which businesses are safe and respect their privacy.

Stand against this violation by signing the pledge below, stating that you will never require such a thing for participation at your business.


Take the Pledge

Download, sign, and return the form via email to with the subject of the email being, “My Pledge to Never Require Vaccine Passports.” In the email, please include your business name, business location (city, state (if applicable)), short description of your business (2-3 sentences), business website, your name, and your position. If you cannot download the form you can also email your name, business name and web link to the above email.

Business Owners:  Download your free “No Vaccine Required” sign to print and post at your place of business.

Also, please consider a DONATION in any amount of your choosing. We appreciate your support. Thank you!

No Vaccine Required