Vaccines Caused My Son’s Epilepsy

 Calista, Central Oregon 

My son was born a healthy 10 lb. baby with a high score on his Apgar test. He has his Hep B and Vitamin K on the day of birth and developed jaundice immediately. We worked hard to keep his bilirubin count low enough to be allowed to keep him home under lights. He had all of his childhood immunizations on time, but went downhill gradually with each one. He developed GI issues and food sensitivities. He stopped breathing and turned blue on us twice. We continued vaccinating him and his brothers, listening to our pediatrician. His impulse control took a dive and he started getting in trouble in school. The circles under his eyes got darker and darker. 


He was exhausted and put himself to bed in the middle of the day. He got sicker and the doctor attempted a fructose malabsorption test. The methane gas level coming off of him was too high to establish a baseline and he was diagnosed with SIBO. He did a very strong dose of antibiotics and started on an elimination diet. He improved for a short time and then took a dive again. This time we were sent for a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. He was diagnosed with microscopic colitis. We were told to go home and manage it as long as we could, because all that they could offer us was a round of steroids every three months. When his youngest brother was born, it was suggested that he get the flu shot to protect his brother. I was concerned about this and so the doctor recommended the flu nasal vaccination instead. I authorized this spray and my son developed grand mal seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after. He continued to be extremely exhausted, so we were sent to a sleep study where it was discovered that he quit breathing 12-14 times per minute.  He has now been diagnosed with sleep apnea and travels with an oxygen machine. In the last year, he has also developed a tic.

Vaccines Caused My Daughter’s Chronic Brain Inflammation

 Jalaine, Central Oregon

Vaccines Caused Neurological Injury to My Children

Lynn, Southern Oregon

At 18 months of age, my healthy and joyful daughter was given DT, OPV and MMR at one time. Eight days later she woke up from a nap, screaming in pain and unable to walk. I raced her to the emergency room. We had to wait a few hours to see a doctor, and during that time she seemed to recover. The doctors said they didn’t think it was a reaction. Her own doctor also did not think it was a reaction. I didn’t agree, but did not know how to prove it. At no time was I told about VAERS and the ability to report it. Only in the last couple of years did I learn that “gait disturbance” is a reported reaction, and indicates a brain inflammation. Her reaction was not reported to VAERS. 


Then at age 7, she began to develop a series of tics. Her doctor said she would probably grow out of it, but at puberty they got worse. Much worse. Her friends’ mothers said to me, “what is wrong with her?” It was very obvious and disturbing. Later I learned from my own research that thimerosal (which my children received in their vaccines) causes tics. It can also cause OCD and anxiety, which are things she also must contend with. She also has difficulty with stress; becoming overwhelmed by things that to me were so small I didn’t believe her at first, thinking she was just complaining. She wasn’t. It’s real.

My daughter’s pediatrician put in her chart notes that she is “under vaccinated.” The doctor was extremely closed to the possibility of harm from her vaccines and had no interest in reading the information I brought her. She also was one of the doctors in our area who signed a Guest Opinion in the paper urging people NOT to see the movie Vaxxed.

I thought my son was not harmed by his vaccines, but he had learning challenges and slowed development. He did not learn to read until he was 9 and academics was always a struggle. As a young boy, he was treated for sensory processing issues and he was a toe walker, both of which can be caused by neurological damage. His learning difficulties led me to have him tested for special needs support when he was 16. The report said that his intelligence was normal, but he had unusually slow processing of information. He qualified for accommodations for his college education, although as it turned out, he didn’t end up needing to use them.

I learned from a May 2018 article in the Weston A. Price Foundation journal (“Consequences and Challenges of Developmental Mercury Exposure” that thimerosal destroys neurons, especially long axons. They grow back, but much shorter. Finally I had an answer to both of my children’s difficulties:

Whereas long-range axons can be compared to superhighways, short-range axons are like side roads with lots of stop lights. You can get where you need to go on a side road, but it can be more complicated, time-consuming and exhausting. In the brain, this convoluted routing can result in a drastically decreased processing speed. It also requires more energy, which can be tiring.

 As a result, the brain may be better at localized processing than global processing. This may make it harder to pay attention and process sensory information, and easier to get obsessed about small things.


I am now convinced that both of my children, born in the second half of the 1990’s, were harmed by their vaccines. Certainly the thimerosal played a part, but it may have been other ingredients as well. Since their vaccines were given in combination there is no way to know exactly which vaccines did the harm. But I do know they were harmed.

Vaccines Caused My Daughter’s Seizures

Tina, Portland

We make tough decisions every day regarding how we raise our children, your decisions just look different than ours…….

We aren’t anti-vaxx, we are EX-vaxx and we have a story. Sadly, we are just one of the tens of thousands of families touched by vaccine injury.  Below is our VAERS report, #339165-1, submitted (at the request of our pediatrician) after our daughter’s adverse reaction to a set of 6 vaccinations. Many details I had actually forgotten. I weep over seeing this and feel every second unfold like it was yesterday. I thank God that we delayed our daughter’s 12 month immunizations until she was 18 months. I know that extra 6 months of life gave her body the strength to fully recover. We are fortunate, look around, many children are not.


VAERS Report from 2009


Patient (let’s not forget this is our 18month old daughter) had a hard time walking the day after her immunizations, she was stiff and sore. Then again, a week after her immunizations she had trouble walking, it was a stiffness in her legs all day. That same Wednesday (8 days post vaccination) she started having “not normal, oatmeal-like” looking bowel movements. Saturday morning she was vomiting and then was back to her normal self, she wanted to eat but then vomited up her breakfast again, the rest of the day she didn’t have a very strong appetite. Sunday (the 18th), the same thing, she vomited up her morning cup of milk, mom thought trying more solid food would be better so she made pancakes.  When she was ready to eat, mom put her in the high chair and she had her first seizure. Mom called 9-1-1 and the EMT’s came and took her to the ER. In the ER she had her blood drawn and was clearly upset, screaming. While they were trying to catheterize her(to get a urine sample) she started screaming again and proceeded to have another seizure. She was taken to have a CT scan and then admitted to the hospital. The nurse in pediatrics said they needed to weigh her again, only this time it needed to be while she was naked. This woke patient (our 18 month old daughter) up and got her agitated, screaming and upset again. She was weighed and re-dressed and while on mom’s shoulder, she was crying and not settling down.  It was then that she had another seizure. She was put on anti-seizure medication. MRI(with and without contrast), EEG(with and without strobe lights), blood work, urine, and a CT scan all came back “normal”. She was released from the hospital on Tuesday the 20th.

Follow up received 03/15/2010. She has not had another seizure and is not on anti-seizure medication. So far, to date, she has not had any further adverse reactions.

Thank you for reading our story.

As a Physical Therapist, I See Vaccine Injury Every Day

Chelsea, Central Oregon

I personally have seen adverse vaccine reactions while working as a pediatric physical therapist, and I saw first-hand the number of cases of severe autism with African American boys. In short, if you were assigned an African American boy, (prior to meeting him), you knew he would have severe autism. Every time. It became a known fact. That’s why when William Thompson, a senior researcher at the CDC, was granted whistleblower status to state that the CDC forced him to remove critical data from his study that linked autism to African American boys under the age of three, it was absolutely bone-chilling to me. I saw it first-hand every day at work, and I knew it to be true based on personal experience.


I have also seen vaccine injury with my oldest son, who had significant speech and language delay after following the recommended CDC schedule. He could not follow a two-step direction when he was 4, such as “please go get your shoes and bring them to me”, and daily conversation and communication was an arduous if not impossible task. I also had a 2 year-old and a newborn at a the time, so you can imagine that it was debilitating and very stressful for us. When we decided to stop vaccinating and do a heavy metal detox (vaccines contain mercury i.e. thimerosal, aluminum, and other toxic ingredients listed on the CDC vaccine excipient list), it was as my husband described “the scales fell off his eyes”, and my son’s language just exploded. It was a dramatic change, and I felt like I had my son back, because suddenly he could communicate what he’d been “stuck” at trying to say for years. As a mom, this was equally wonderful and devastating, a shock that a medical procedure of vaccinating deemed so “safe” for everyone, was indeed not safe for us.

Why We Have Chosen Not to Vaccinate

Erin, Central Oregon

Being brought up by a mother that believed in the power of nature, a healthy diet and environment, and the innate wonder of our own immune systems, the question of to vaccinate or not our children was always in my purview. Countless hours of research and asking questions led my husband and myself to the decision that we would not follow the recommended CDC schedule or to fully vaccinate our children.


Knowing that in infant’s immune system hasn’t really “matured” until the age of 2 and that even within early adolescence up through age 12, childhood immune systems aren’t fully developed, our decision not to follow the recommended vaccine schedule was a very informed one. It did not make sense to be introducing so many pathogens into our children’s bodies, not only at one time, but over and over again. How do we expect their systems to be handling so much all at once? In my gut, something just didn’t feel right about the recommended process.

The adjuvants that carry the vaccine are also of great concern to us. The question we repeatedly asked is- Is really wise to be injecting our children with aluminum, Thimerosal, Sorbitol, Gelatin, Aluminum, and so on….? And then come the other ingredients that vaccines are produced with like: Antibiotics, egg protein, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate (MSG), squalene and aborted human fetal tissue just to name a few. Our answers were a flat “No!”

Given all our research throughout our children’s lives (it truly is an ongoing endeavor) we concluded that our children had a greater chance of having a severe reaction or the potential of developing autism, a severe allergy or autoimmune disorder from vaccines than they did of acquiring one of the diseases they vaccinate for. If they do happen to acquire one of these diseases, the chances of them having a serious or life threatening affect from them are low.

For us there are too many unanswered questions about vaccines and vaccine safety that our medical community and government are unwilling to answer. As we watch the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund (now paying out now BILLIONS of dollars in claims) continue to grow at an unacceptable rate, autism rates rising to unprecedented numbers, childhood allergies drastically increase, autoimmune disorders plague our young adults… we are grateful to have done our research and to follow our very strong parental instincts.

A Letter to the Mother of a Vaccine Injured Child

Sierra, Central Point

Hey mama,

I have a message for you; one that’s not talked about enough, but should be shouted from the rooftops. Your situation is unique, but it is not uncommon. It’s certainly not “one in a million,” but I know your baby is.

I know you read dozens of reviews of baby products so you knew which ones would be safest and best for your baby. I know you read books about pregnancy and probably picked up a few about parenting along the way. I know you researched car seats, strollers, receiving blankets,


diapers, wipes, cribs, monitors, carriers… and the list goes on. I know you were so careful to create the best environment for your baby – feeding, cuddling, swaddling, changing diapers, singing songs, making silly faces, rocking to sleep and giving your precious child all your love. I know when your child was born, you looked into your sweet baby’s eyes and knew that you would do anything and everything in your power to protect them. I know that this included vaccines.

I know you were told by the masses that there is overwhelming scientific evidence that vaccines are safe and effective and will protect your baby from harm. I know you were told by your doctors and nurses that vaccinating your baby was the only way to truly protect them from these “deadly diseases”. Maybe you were even told by your family and friends that getting your child vaccinated is one of the most important things you can do to keep them safe and healthy. You just wanted your baby to be safe and healthy.

So, like the responsible mama you are, just trying to do what’s best for your child, you allowed the nurse to administer those vaccines. Maybe it didn’t happen the first time, maybe it was the 5th time or the 15th time. Maybe it took a while to see the effects or put the pieces together, but eventually, it happened. Your child was vaccine injured. Maybe your child had vaccine induced encephalitis and screamed for days or weeks on end because their brain became inflamed from the toxins. Maybe your child stopped speaking, or walking or just being their normal self. Maybe you reported this to the pediatrician, but you were assured that it was normal. Maybe your child regressed into autism, but that can’t be true, because vaccines don’t cause autism, right? At least, that’s what the doctor said. Maybe you continued to vaccinate because it wasn’t so obvious right away. Maybe the insanely high amount of aluminum combined with polysorbate 80 found in most vaccines caused terrible neurological effects on your child. Maybe they lost use of their arm or leg, or got vaccine induced Guillan Barre and became paralyzed. Maybe your child developed severe gut health problems, or allergies, or an auto-immune disorder, or eczema, or seizures.

Maybe your child died.

My heart goes out to you. My heart hurts for you. Your situation is unique because this is probably the one injury your child could get that doctors just “can’t figure out” how it happened. It’s unique because when a child is injured or killed by a natural cause, there is so much compassion given to those hurting parents. It’s unique because the moment you say that your child is vaccine injured, you might be told that you just need something to blame and anyone who would say something like that is “anti-science”. Your situation is NOT uncommon though. Far from it. The few adverse reactions I mentioned above don’t even come close to listing all of the side effects and adverse events that can AND DO happen from vaccines.

I know if your doctor had given you real informed consent, you would have had the information to make the best decision for your beautiful baby. I know if you had known for one second what would happen to your child, you probably wouldn’t have vaccinated them. I know that sometimes it hurts so much to not be able to change what happened and wishing all the time that you would have known. I know vaccine injury is real, and all too common. But they didn’t tell you that, did they? I know, because they didn’t tell me either.

Listen mama, I may not know your exact situation, but I know you did your best with the information you were given, and I want you to know this too:
I believe you.
I know you.
I am you.