Unmask Our Kids

August 5th — Day of Action

Over 30 grassroots parent, business, education and freedom groups have joined up to empower Oregon families—Together we can do this!

We all can do something to make an impact!

We will send our kids back when schools have local control and masks are permanently optional.

1. Unenroll

a. Contact your school in person or online. If homeschooling, contact your ESD or Education Service District can be found here: https://osba.enviseams.com/MyResources/links/esds

b. For those who simply cannot unenroll, you can still complete the following actions.

For additional information, see our parent resource page.

2. Contact your school officials: Superintendent and School Board

a. Are your school board meetings in person with parents? Great, go sign up to speak. Inform your school superintendent and school board that you will unenroll your children

b. Ask them to write a resolution that they will exercise local control that was promised to them just over a month ago.

c. If they won’t meet in person, send testimony via email:  Meet in person with us… Or we will “Pack the Parking” Lot (a successful strategy used previously) where parents show up in the parking lot “hosting” their own parent meeting at THE SAME time as the official board meeting.  Give parents 3 minutes each to speak and follow rules: no disparaging remarks, no naming names etc.  Focus on program failure not people failure.

3. Follow up with: County Commissioners and Legislators

a. Find your County Commissioner and Legislators and ask them to lobby for local control to remain in effect. Find them online using the “legislator lookup” portal.

b. Ask your County Board of Commissioners to write a resolution that they will exercise local control. Use a phrase such as, “I vote for candidates who support children and local control.”

c. Ask your County Board of Commissioners and legislators to issue a press release in support of local control.

Sample Letter to send your district and or school directly. Click on the button above to download the template and make any changes to make it more personalized for your additional grievances. 

Click on the button above to download the .pdf file with an important series of questions and answers for someone who has never done this before.