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Oregonians for Medical FreedomOSU & Local Media Miss The Mark on Exemptions - Oregonians for Medical Freedom

OSU & Local Media Miss The Mark on Exemptions

No shots, no school? NOT True in Oregon!

The local news and Oregon State are failing to mention the allowed exemptions for the students. None of the news stories are mentioning this, and OSU has the information buried in an FAQ on their website but does not relay this in the emails going to students.

Per Oregon law:

433.284 Adoption of more stringent immunization requirements. Private schools, children’s facilities and post-secondary educational institutions may adopt additional or more stringent requirements as long as exemptions are included and the requirements are in compliance with the United States Public Health Service Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommendations. [1991 c.255 §12; 2013 c.516 §3]

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