Jennifer Robi is a 24-year-old former high school athlete and scholar who has been confined to a wheelchair wearing diapers and suffering seizures every 40-90 seconds since receiving the Gardasil vaccination series at age sixteen. She suffers continual neuromuscular jerking and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS). Robi sued Merck in 2016 for fraud and deceit, medical malpractice, negligence misrepresentation and inadequate warnings and information about HPV vaccines.

Robi’s team of lawyers, including environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., argued in the case that Merck used fear tactics to manipulate the public into thinking that young girls need the dangerous vaccine to prevent cervical cancer although no HPV vaccine has ever been proven to prevent any cancer of any kind. In fact, women in Gardasil clinical trials with evidence of current HPV infection and previous exposure to HPV had a 44% INCREASED risk of developing cervical lesions or cancer following vaccination.

Yet the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is using convicted felon Merck’s same deceitful tactics on their website updated in December 2019 to manipulate the fear of cervical cancer so Oregonians will think their children need to have this dangerous vaccine:

“HPV vaccine prevents related cancers; according to the CDC, around 80% of people will get an HPV infection in their lifetime if not immunized.”

The OHA makes no mention of the fact that Gardasil 9 is not approved to prevent any other cancers in men besides anal cancer, and that is virtually non-existent in boys. The OHA doesn’t disclose that people have reported that Gardasil and Gardasil 9 cause death and serious adverse events. Since 2006, when Gardasil came on the US market, people have reported 523 deaths and 64,270 injuries to the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as of Dec. 14, 2019. Notably, less than 1% of all vaccine injuries and deaths are reported to VAERS.

Why is the OHA ignoring this scientific information and marketing Gardasil as completely safe and necessary when even the the American College of Pediatricians raises concern that Gardasil vaccination may cause infertility, or premature ovarian failure, in girls and young women?

Instead of ramping up their zealous promotion of this liability-free vaccine when Gardasil efficacy claims are circling the drain and Merck is in a lawsuit alleging that they fraudulently concealed that half (49.6%) of the girls in Gardasil clinical trials reported serious medical conditions within seven months, the OHA should be cautioning healthcare practitioners and the public about the known permanent and debilitating risks.

As our public health regulatory agency tasked with protecting Oregonians from disease, the OHA has an obligation to inform healthcare practitioners and the public that according to Gardasil’s package insert, the chances of getting an autoimmune disease from Gardasil, even if the vaccine works, are 1,000 times greater than the chances of being saved from a cervical cancer death.

Vaccination recommendations that are not based on scientific integrity are unethical and put our children’s health at risk.

Take action today by educating your school board, county public health department, healthcare practitioners, and community of the serious safety and legal issues of HPV vaccines with this new research-based brochure by Children’s Health Defense.