About Us

About Oregonians for Medical FreedomWho Are We?

We are a multicultural, bipartisan grassroots coalition of parents, family members, physicians, educators, business owners, thought-leaders, medical experts, concerned individuals, and Oregonians from all walks of life and all corners of the state who believe parents have a fundamental right to make informed medical decisions for their children—decisions free from unnecessary and overreaching mandates that compromise our religious and philosophical liberties.

Our Mission

Our coalition was formed to proactively protect our right to medical freedom, informed consent, and the privacy of the patient-doctor relationship. We are standing up to protect the rights and civil liberties every Oregonian deserves.

We believe through education and action, we can better inform the public, media, government agencies and the Oregon legislature about the importance of the fundamental right to make medical decisions for our families.

What We Believe

Informed consent builds trust in the medical system.
The patient-doctor relationship is founded on trust and individualized treatment. Mandates violate the privacy of medical care between families and their physicians. We believe that informed consent means both the doctor and the families are aware of the benefits, risks, and unknowns related to medical procedures before making those decisions.

Personal freedom and civil liberties are fundamental.
Parents have a fundamental right to healthcare choices on behalf of their children and free from governmental interference, whether those choices are based upon scientific research, medical necessity, philosophical beliefs, or religious values.

Philosophical and religious exemptions protect our children and our values.
Oregonians are proud to protect the individuality of personal belief systems and the right to make choices on behalf of those belief systems is fundamental to the core of our civil liberties.

Legislators should support medical freedom, civil liberties and parental rights.
Oregonians prides ourselves on our personal freedoms and individual choice. Giving the state the right to mandate a medical procedure, and compromising the freedom for parents to make personal medical decisions is not something the overwhelming majority of Oregonians want. We have a strong  tradition of valuing personal liberties and should continue it by protecting vaccine exemptions for families that believe it is the best decision for their children.