Oregonians for Medical Freedom urges you to contact your legislators and ask them to oppose HB 3063! This piece of legislation will remove ALL religious and philosophical exemptions in Oregon related to schools, charter schools, daycare, and preschools. In summary, this bill will remove the ability of a parent’s right to make the best medical decisions for their child.

We believe that each parent has the right to choose if their child is to be vaccinated or not. Mandating vaccination for ALL students in Oregon for school attendance will impact 31,521 students that have a religious or philosophical exemption, this means that these students filed for exemption of at least one vaccine out of the 31 required, but not ALL vaccines. Only 2.6% of students in K-12 are 100% unvaccinated, Oregon has VERY high vaccination rates across the state.

We need your help to ensure that this piece of legislation does not pass! Please join us in maintaining a parent’s freedom to choose!

Take Action Today!