HB 2783 – OPPOSE

Bill Number: HB 2783
Bill Text: Introduced
Chief Sponsors: Representative Wilde, Representative Schouten
Regular Sponsors: None
Stance: OPPOSE

Oregonians For Medical Freedom Notes:
HB 2783 is a bill that was introduced that would change the current law for ALL Non-Medical Exemptions. The current law allows a parent to take the online education module and turn in the completed certificate OR see their doctor to get an exemption certificate signed. HB 2783 would change the current law and would REQUIRE BOTH the completed module and a signature from a doctor in order to file a non-medical exemption.

Bill Title: Relating to immunizations; prescribing an effective date.
Summary: Requires parent who declines immunization for child to submit to administrator document including health care practitioner signature verifying practitioner reviewed immunization information with parent and certificate verifying parent completed vaccine educational module as condition of child’s attendance at school or other children’s facility. Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.

Call and email sponsors Sheri Schouten and Marty Wilde and tell them you want them to withdraw this bill and why you want them to do that!
If you are a constituent of any of these legislators, please tell them that, when contacting them, as they put more weight on what their constituents think.

Talking points RE: HB2783

• Per Oregon Health Authority in a letter to the Governor last year, Oregon has continually high vaccination rates with statewide vaccination rates at 94 %. The true unvaccinated rate is only 2.6 %.

• Many families have been kicked out of their doctor’s offices in Oregon due to their religious or medical beliefs pertaining to their child’s health. Many Doctors will not want to sign the form.

• For some, it’s an added inconvenience to drive to the Doctor to get that signature. For others, it’s an added co-pay cost and in some cases, these visits are not covered by OHP or private insurance making it financially cumbersome thousands of families. This may disproportionately disadvantage low-income families.

• If you have your own personal experience, were bullied by your Doctor or kicked out of the practice, your story is important.

Personalization is key! Please be respectful!

Rep: Sheri Schouten: [email protected]
Rep Marty Wilde: [email protected]

Health Care Committee Members:
Chair: Representative Mitch Greenlick
[email protected]

Vice-Chair: Representative Cedric Hayden
[email protected]

Representative Rob Nosse
[email protected]

Representative Teresa Alonso Leon
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Representative Denyc Boles
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Representative Christine Drazan
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Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer
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Representative Tiffiny Mitchell
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Representative Ron Noble
Rep.Ro[email protected]

Representative Rachel Prusak
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Representative Andrea Salinas
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