Bill Number: SB 628
Bill Text: Introduced
Chief Sponsors: Senator Boquist
Regular Sponsors: Senator Linthicum
Stance: Support

Oregonians For Medical Freedom Notes: Senate Bill 628 has been assigned to the Senate Committee on Education. This bill would require that post-secondary institutions accept the online module certificate for non-medical exemptions. Currently, college students can only opt out of the MMR vaccine by taking an online module – all other exemptions require a sit down with the school health official and often turns into a bullying session.

Bill Title:  Relating to immunizations for post-secondary institutions of education; declaring an emergency.

Summary: Requires that post-secondary institution of education that requires students to receive immunizations accept from student who declines immunization certification that student has completed vaccine educational module. Directs Oregon Health Authority to approve vaccine educational module for each required immunization.

CALL TO ACTION: Please email or call Chair Senator Rob Wagner, and respectfully ask that he schedule this bill for a public hearing.

Phone: 503-986-1719