House Bill 3063 will remove ALL non-medical exemptions in Oregon related to schools, charter schools, daycare, and preschools.

The latest update

March 14: HB 3063 Passed out of the Oregon House Health Care Committee with the -13 amendment. It is now awaiting assignment to a sub Joint Ways & Means Committee. You can sign up for emails to be alerted when the bill moves again. You can watch the recorded Work Session from 3/14 here.

How Can I Help Now?

🔹️It is important to keep the pressure on your legislators (representative and senator). Schedule in-person meetings with them, send them emails, write a letter. Find who represents you here.
—If you receive an email from them with their stance please send this information to Oregonians For Medical Freedom – DO NOT publish their stance publicly unless they have made it public on their webpage/facebook/social media. This is to protect those in support.

🔹️ Sign up for your legislator’s newsletters, go to their town halls.

🔹️Write letters to the editor. Tips on writing to your editor.  

🔹️Consider reaching out to school boards. Superintendents. Principals of schools with high non-medical exemption rates. Let them know this bill will impact them as many families will be forced to leave.

🔹️ Daycares and preschool. Do you run one? Will this cause you to have to close your business? Make sure your legislators know this, this will impact small businesses.

Talking point ideas:

▶️ The financial impact on schools/daycare/preschool and those who run the business

▶️ Is there enough space for online spots? It was mentioned at the hearing there is 3% per district.

▶️ Medical exemptions are not “easy”, this was questioned at the work session. Watch Dr. Paul Cieslak explain here in a video at the work session how medical exemptions are obtained.

▶️ Mandating Vaccination for ALL students in Oregon for school attendance will impact 31,521 students that have filed a non-medical exemption

▶️ Exempt in Oregon means the student didn’t receive ALL 31 of 31 required vaccines for school attendance.

▶️ Oregon has extremely high MMR rates across all counties.

▶️ OHA data on high vaccination rates across Oregon. 7.5% of kindergarteners file an exemption form, meaning they could simply be exempt from ONE vaccine and not ALL vaccines.

▶️ Only 2.6% of students in K-12 are 100% UNVACCINATED so that means of the people who filed an exemption, 66% of them partially vaccinated their kids! (Because only 2.6% of the 7.5% of exemptions did no vaccines, that means 4.9% did vaccinate, 4.9/7.5=65%)

▶️ Exemption rates go up naturally over time as a new vaccine is added to the schedule, parents are opting out until they are ready.

Members of the Joint Ways & Means Committee (all emails here)

Co-Chair Senator Betsy Johnson

Co-Chair  Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward

Co-Chair  Representative Dan Rayfield

Co-Vice Chair  Senator Jackie Winters

Co-Vice Chair Representative David Gomberg

Co-Vice Chair Representative Greg Smith

Member Senator Lee Beyer

Member Senator Lew Frederick

Member Senator Fred Girod

Member Senator Bill Hansell

Member Senator Dallas Heard

Member Senator James Manning Jr.

Member Senator Arnie Roblan

Member Senator Chuck Thomsen

Member Senator Rob Wagner

Member Representative Paul Holvey

Member Representative Susan McLain

Member Representative Mike McLane

Member Representative Rob Nosse 

Member Representative Carla Piluso

Member Representative Duane Stark