Oregon’s Pending Vax Bill: Does Anyone Know How It Will Ultimately Work?

The track’s laid, and coal’s being fed into the train’s firebox, State Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (D – Beaverton/Portland) manning the shovel as mandatory vaccine legislation for 11 diseases heads for a vote in Salem, Oregon. The Oregon House of Representatives is slated for a vote on HB 3063 on Monday, May 6. Should it […]

Cease & Desist Letter Issued to Oregon Nurses Association After Fraudulent Communications Discovered

May 4, 2019 For Immediate Release Contact: [email protected] Printable PDF: Download A Cease and Desist letter was issued on behalf of Oregonians for Medical Freedom to the Oregon Nurses Association (ONA), by Luke D. Miller, part of the legal counsel team for OFMF, who are still awaiting a formal response. The letter states that …

Measles Outbreak Declared Over Yet Special Interests Drive Spread of Misinformation Around Capitol

May 2, 2019 For Immediate Release Contact: [email protected] Printable PDF: Download While the Vancouver-area measles outbreak has been declared over, with only 14 cases in total reported to Oregon (with only four linked to the Clark Country outbreak), misinformation has been rapidly spreading throughout the Capitol and into town …

REVEALED: forced vaccine mandate is far more sweeping than proponents claim—impacting daycares, Head Start, college students

Oregonians for Medical Freedom urges you to contact your state legislators April 23, 2019For Immediate Release Contact:Emily Smith(503) 683-1290 SALEM, Ore. – A confidential legal memo prepared by Legislative Counsel, the Legislature’s own lawyers, revealed that HB 3063-A, the state forced vaccine mandate bill, is dramatically more sweeping in scope …

State Vaccine Doctor Feeds Oregon Lawmakers Bunk; CDC, Experts Argue For Longer Intervals For 21 Forced Shots

Among the 8.6 million people who live in New York City, there’s been 359 cases of measles since last September. On March 9, Mayor Bill de Blasio leading the charge, the city mandated the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine in four densely populated zip codes in Brooklyn, neighborhoods where many Hasidic Jews reside. With 294 […]