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Our Civil Liberties and Medical Freedom Are Under Attack in the US

Our Civil Liberties and Medical Freedom Are Under Attack in the US

It shouldn’t be this way, but every time you turn around, our civil liberty and one of the most fundamental human rights, universally recognized throughout the world, is in danger of being stripped away here in America, the so-called “Land of the Free.” The bedrock of ethical medical intervention, including preventative measures, is the prior …

Another Attack on Medical Freedom

On August 15, 2016, the CDC published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) regarding Communicable Disease, and is accepting public comments on the proposed rule until October 14, 2016. Under the proposed rule, the CDC plans to give itself the power, based on its own determination of a threat of a communicable disease, with the […]

Oregon Health Policy Board Wants To Stop Personal Belief Vaccination Exemptions

OPB March 3, 2015 The Oregon Health Policy board met Tuesday to try to reduce the state’s vaccination exemption rate, which is the highest in the nation. Over the last decade, Oregon’s vaccine exemption rate for kindergartners has risen to seven percent. In some schools it’s as high as 70 percent. Most of those exemptions are given because …