Single Mother Shares How HB 3063 Would Negatively Impact Her Family’s Life

I am a single mother of two active boys and I am self-employed. Both of my kids have medical reasons why they cannot receive any more vaccines than they already have. Despite their diagnosed medical conditions and medical histories indicating they should not receive any more vaccines, our pediatrician’s office confirmed today that they will be unable …

Vaccine Registries Ever More Engorged; Clinical Directives in 0.2 Seconds

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will cough up $29.6 million in the coming fiscal year for 112 grants nationwide for programs geared towards improving state vaccine registries’ capacity for “identifying under-vaccinated populations,” as well as, among other technical capacities, “conducting surveillance [and] collaborating with …

The Senator Driving Oregon’s Mandatory-Vax Bill Sends Colleagues a Yes-Vote Email Full of Holes

Further evidence emerged over the weekend that State Sen. Elizabeth Steiner (D – Beaverton/Portland) is the driving force behind HB 3063. On Saturday, May 4, she sent an email to her colleagues in the Oregon legislature posing and answering questions about the bill. Her effort is full of holes as demonstrated below. Not to be […]

New FOIA Requests Expose MMR Vaccine Trial Results Clearly Indicating Vaccine Should Never Have Been Approved

May 6, 2019 For Immediate Release Contact: [email protected] Printable PDF: Download In another significant legal win for vaccine risk awareness non-profit Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), a new Freedom of Information Act disclosure from the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revealed that the MMR vaccine was …

Oregon’s Pending Vax Bill: Does Anyone Know How It Will Ultimately Work?

The track’s laid, and coal’s being fed into the train’s firebox, State Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (D – Beaverton/Portland) manning the shovel as mandatory vaccine legislation for 11 diseases heads for a vote in Salem, Oregon. The Oregon House of Representatives is slated for a vote on HB 3063 on Monday, May 6. Should it […]